Meet the SyRAP Farmers

Abdi Barjin has been in the SyRAP program since it started in 2017.  He was a farmer in Somalia before moving to the U.S.  He enjoys growing corn, beans, and squash together (the three sisters), and also grows peppers, tomatoes, amaranth, and other greens.  Abdi always has the cleanest fields with the least amount of weeds.

Jean-Pierre Nyankurubike has been farming with SyRAP for three years and he comes from Burundi where he farmed for most of his life.  He farms on a ¼ acre plot at Salt City Harvest Farm and grows tomatoes, African eggplant, lambsquarter, amaranth, peppers, and Dragon Tongue beans.

Isha Musa comes from Somalia and has been farming since she was a little girl.  She grows the three sisters (corn, beans, and squash) together, as well as tomatoes, peppers, and specialty greens.  She has been a part of SyRAP for five years and loves farming!

Ahmed Abdirahman has been farming since he was a little boy in Somalia and continues to farm on a one-acre plot at Matthew 25 Farm.  He has been in SyRAP since the very beginning.  He enjoys growing the three sisters, tomatoes, amaranth, and peppers. He is also one of the apprentices in the goat farm program, learning the ins and outs of goat husbandry.

Purna Bhujel has been in SyRAP longer than any other farmer and has been farming since she was young in her home country of Bhutan.  Purna grows mustard greens, cilantro, long beans, tomatoes, and squash.  She is currently farming on a ¼ acre plot at Salt City Harvest Farm.

Yussuf Yussuf has been farming with SyRAP for five years and has farmed in his home country of Somalia since he was a boy.  Yussuf enjoys growing corn, beans, squash, lettuce, swiss chard, and collard greens.  He farms a ¼ acre plot with his family at Salt City Harvest Farm.

Manika Gautam is from Nepal and has been growing food her whole life. She has been in the program for six years and plays a big role as a communication coordinator in the Nepali-speaking community. She also cares for a few raised beds at our Seward St. community garden in Syracuse.

Margeritte Nyirazikunze has been a farmer since she was a small child in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  She has been in SyRAP for three years and has a ¼ acre plot at Salt City Harvest Farm.  She grows African eggplant, beans, tomatoes, greens, and peppers.

The Syracuse Refugee Agricultural Program (SyRAP) is a program of Refugee & Immigrant Self-Empowerment (RISE)

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